My name is Glenn Hallam and I’m full time professional drummer and drum teacher. I was born in Kettering Northamptonshire way back in 1967 to working class parents and very proud of it. My Mum was a typical Mum of the time, working part time for extra cash so we could survive and my father a paint sprayer with a local beer barrel making plant. My father was a trombone player with a brass band close to our town in Market Harborough. I guess this is where my musical talent came from. I would travel to rehearsals with my Dad for a couple of hours a week and a listen to the brass band pump out tunes of some kind. Although I always cite brass band as my biggest influence, I didn’t actually play with the band. Don’t get me wrong they did try, but in the form of an Eb bass and there was no way that was happening. It started the interest in music for sure and after noticing the drum in the corner I would definitely say that’s where it all began. Not only was my father a big influence, but my mother was an avid collector of pop music albums. Weeks of school holidays with my parents at work, left me at home exploring the riches of the household record collection. Having acquired the snare drum from the brass band, I soon had a makeshift kit next to the stereo playing along to my Mums records.

As they say “The rest is history” but it’s clear that music can influence our lives. Since leaving school I have played drums in a band. My thoughts of becoming a full time player was never really on my mind, but I was to head out to Europe for my first few weeks of full time playing when I was seventeen. On return from some very sun burnt experiences, I started playing local Working Men’s Clubs. This was to start the musical journey and lead me to where I am today. I now teach full time and still occupy the drum seat for the Rock & Roll band Wild. This has taken me to places I could only dream of including America, Canada and Europe. I also had the pleasure of playing with Bryan Adams in 2002, which was possibly the highlight of my playing career!