As a musician it’s vital that we have an understanding of the job we are trying to execute. Even as drummers, we should not neglect our responsibilities to the music. It wouldn’t be the first time I have heard the statement  – “Drummers are not real musicians”

The Music Education Event

What is melody? What is harmony? What is Rhythm? What is the point?

This got me thinking, all musicians should benefit from the knowledge of how music works? How chord progressions should be approached? What chords would complement a turnaround. What is a turn around?

We are going to give you the chance to explore how to play more music with your instrument, play fewer shapes and patterns and sound more like the music you listen to. Learn to improvise and compose in real time by understanding key signatures, harmony, chord progressions, time signatures and more.

We will also give you the insight to how rhythm informs every aspect of what you play, and also how the wrong time is the difference between sounding great and sounding bad.

All this can be addressed in our two hour class happening on Sunday 27th May 2018. The day will be split into two sessions, the first will start at 10am, finishing at 12Pm and the afternoon session will start at 12.30pm, finishing at 2.30pm. The class will be held at Kettering Science Academy in the drama department.


Sam Hallam – From U.S.A

I’m personally excited about this day because my son from the U.S will be joining me to present this class. Samuel Hallam has a jazz degree in performance from Portland State university and has been playing with some of the most talented musicians in Oregon and surrounding States. He currently works as a bass teacher at Marylhust University. This will be a chance for you to experience music education like no other.

Also teaching on the day

Jason Redhead

Glenn Hallam

The Event

27 May 2018


Kettering Science Academy
The drama department.


The Cost

£25 per person, per session

Two sessions available:

10-00 -12:00
12:30 – 14:30

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These are limited, so we recommend that you book as early as possible to aviod dissapointment.  You can pay at the counter at the ISM Academy or via PayPal button to the right.


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Additional Information

Who is invited to this class?

Everybody who is interested in playing an instrument, can play an instrument or is currently learning an instrument.

Which instruments will we cover?

Players of all instruments are welcome to this class. The more different instruments we have, the bigger the learning.

Will I get to play my instrument in this class?

Absolutely! It is hoped with the knowledge learned from this class, students will very quickly be playing together.

Find improvisation a challenge?

The tools needed to improvise easier and more smoother will be learned during the class, opening you up to more ideas and creativity.

What grade to I have to be for this class?

You do not need to be a certain grade at your instrument, but you will need a basic understanding of notation. Drummers will also be expected to understand basic rhythmic patterns that are written.

How many students will be in each class?

Each session is restricted to fifteen students. Please book your place as soon as possible.

Will guitar amps be provided?

Yes, just bring you instrument.

Will there be a piano?

Yes, just bring yourself and an open mind to learning new things.

Music can improve our wellbeing and attitude to a very busy life.  I enjoy being creative with music and it is hoped that you will do the very same during this class. Thank you for supporting ISM Academy and myself.

See you on the 27 May 2018!