Book hereYour first drum lesson can be one of the most memorable lessons you will ever have. The excitement of sitting at a drum kit for the first time and then the frustration of realising that coordination doesn’t come easy can be a challenge. Firstly we will introduce you to the drum kit, explaining what the purpose of each drum and cymbal is. It might seem an obvious thing, but teaching a student the right way to hold a stick will be our next step.   It happens to us all at sometime, whether it’s learning to play an instrument or learning to drive. Using our limbs is taken for granted throughout our every day life, but when we ask ourselves to do something out of the ordinary, it’s a different story! Coordination will be our first hurdle. We have all tried to tap our head and rub our belly at sometime and it’s the same scenario when starting to play the drums. The difference being?

Loads more fun!  The standard rock beat is the first pattern we will cover. Although this rhythm is associated with Rock music, it can be used in many other genres of music. The beat is made up of playing the bass drum with your foot and using both hands to play the hi hat and snare drum. Along with counting and coordination, we will soon have you playing a solid beat. I am sure if you chose to learn the drum kit you will have fun. It can open many doors, including understanding music more. You may find yourself listening to music you never thought you would.   If you would like further information about beginner lessons, please email me and I would glad to answer any questions.