Lessons are structured in a way that can be understood, whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, there are many aspects of drumming than can be explored. Posture and technique are talked about so much in the world of drums and there is a reason why. Even as a beginner, whatever age you are, there are degrees of technique that can help. Being comfortable is the key to playing drums well. If you imagine having to play for two hours with a band, you would soon realise why this is so important.

Playing with music is on people’s mind when they start playing drums and let’s face it- it’s the reason we wanted to play in the first place. Within the first couple of lessons I aim to get you playing to a backing track. Secondly, I will introduce a selection of fills around the drum kit to add a bit of colour to your playing. If you have played drums before and are looking for help to move to the next level, look no further. Chart reading is sometimes overlooked as a skill of a drummer until we are offered the “Dep gig”. This may, of course, result in the loss of a gig if you can’t read. Being able to read music is a fantastic asset to our playing, but also helps with improvisation.

Understanding how music is put together helps us react within a tune and can bring the best out in a band.The way a drummer plays affects the whole of the band, a good drummer can make a bad band sound great, but a bad drummer can make a good band sound bad.

We also have the option to progress onto Grade Exams. They can be a great way of moving forward; the pressure of the up and coming date can give us a target to work for. I teach all Grade Exams from Rockschool 1 to 8 and Guildhall Snare/Drum kit 1 to 8. Rudiments are also a big part of progressing in drumming, but not always fun. I can put the fun back into learning rudiments. I will show you how to bring them into your drumming and use them in a manner that will bring your drums to life.

As an advanced player I will cover any type of music that you wish to move on to. Whatever challenges lay ahead, I will structure the course so your goals can be reached. Lessons at an advanced level should be a minimum of one hour as there are many aspects to be covered.

All lessons are for a half an hour and are on a one to one basis with myself. If I feel that you would benefit from a longer session, I will advise when necessary. A longer lesson can benefit more for the student that will practice more, but this of course is left to the student’s discretion. I am always willing to teach any age of student, but experience has shown me that five years and above will benefit more from the lessons.