As an intermediate player it will be expected that a simple rock pattern can by played along to a backing track with confidence. Many of the fills already learnt should flow in to place, creating a solid feel to any tune. Basic notation should be easily read with assurance. Reading and understanding a simple chart should be second nature.

It is often at this level we learn most of the grounding needed to progress onto an advance level. As my teacher told me a few years back, “Learning the drums is a marathon, not a sprint” This is so true, as we can stay at this level for some years.  Working with a bass player can be an experience left to the stage, but we will take you through what you should be listening for to create a solid rhythm section. A metronome will become part of you lessons on a regular basis, as this will help with timing, giving your playing the feel most musicians look for.   If you would like further information about intermediate lessons, please email me and I would be glad to answer any questions.