Here is what my customers think, I always ask for their honest opinion.

I have had Drum lessons with Glenn for over 5 years.  During this time; not only have I learnt how to play the drums with confidence, from knowing nothing; but also I have been able to listen to a variety of music and using my lessons, I can read/write music (still so much to learn) and be able to play it from my notes. When I find a song I want to drum to, Glenn will help me learn it when I get into difficulties. During my time with Glenn, I have been lucky enough to play drums solo on stage with a backing track and learn many techniques, including Paradiddles and various other rudiments in his lessons. I have found Glenn to be extremely helpful and he is always able to answer my questions.  Focusing on my weaknesses helps me improve my sticking. I can then improve my overall performance in my practice; giving me the confidence I need, which then I am able to encourage others to have a go.

My experience over the years with Glenn has been outstanding. Therefore I would like to thank Glenn for his time and patients with me and would encourage any individual to try drums “even just the once” and “any age”, then if they like it, develop their techniques and skills with his support to play their favourite songs —-just like me—-.

Hayley Chandler

Three years ago I was seeking a good drum teacher for my son, Stewart, who had been taught for a few months but with someone who did not buy in to a syllabus/exam style approach to learning; Stewart responds well to structure, targets and goals and so needed a change of direction. On initially meeting Glenn, one could see that he had a unique, easy-going but exciting and enthusiastic approach to teaching and promoted the Rock School syllabus and Stewart really took to him and his approach straight away.

After a year of Glenn teaching Stewart and with terrific progression, I decided that I might like to have a go myself (my dad was a dance band drummer and my brother also played in a band but I never felt that I had the aptitude for it)…two years later and Glenn’s unwavering patience and enthusiasm has brought me to a Grade 4 Distinction. Grade 5 looked initially daunting but already, after just a month I can see that with steady practice and Glenn’s expert coaching, I will eventually attain this certificate.

Stewart, after just three years, is now working on his Rock School Grade 8, with Glenn’s mentoring and I can only put this success down to three things and those are; my son’s natural ability, his commitment to learn, but most importantly, an amazing teacher in Glenn.

Glenn is the most fantastic coach; he remains indefatigable, always has a positive approach and is nothing but inspirational in his teachings whilst enthusing his knowledge in a fun and exciting way.

Thank you mate, I will be forever grateful for your making a difference, both to my learning, but more importantly, in mentoring and helping Stewart.

Ralph Ehoff

I am a mother of three and have always wanted to play drums. Just over a year ago I thought well why not? It took some courage, as I wasn’t sure I would be able to do it… but gradually and with encouragement and a fantastic teacher I absolutely love the drums.  Best decision I have ever made!

 Glenn is a fantastic drummer and an even better teacher! He knows how to relate to what you’re going through he is very quick to pickup on any problems you may be having and can steer you in the right direction. He has great communication skills and can explain all aspects on many different levels to the young and older students alike. He explains and demonstrates the rudiments and techniques of drumming so that you understand it. Then I found with practice, that rudiment or technique did help me play through tricky songs or fills that I couldn’t do easily before.

Glenn knows his stuff and my lessons are very enjoyable, I would absolutely recommend him to anyone.

Keep up the good work Glenn!

Sarah Daniels