Hi everybody

July has been one of those months where you think you haven’t really been that busy!

July started with a gig in Wales and on the 31st will end in Wales. I’m off to Cardiff to finish the month with Wild. It’s been a little sparse over the year for gigs, but we’ve been fairly busy with Weddings and functions of some sort. Nothing is booked in advance these days. We’re still busy, but next month could bring a whole new amount of gigs I don’t know about. Last year the diary was full from February onwards, but those days have gone.

It will be great to play the Yamaha drums again I use for Wild. Being a teacher and playing with other bands I get the chance to play on an assortment of kits. The tone of the Yamaha kills me every time with plenty of response and warmth; it’s just to die for. I use a Sonor 1007 kit away from Wild and it really plays and sounds great. I used it at a garden party a few weeks back and it held it’s own, although my heart is certainly with the Yamaha.

On the teaching front things are still keeping busy. Over forty students come to see me every week and the Yamaha course is becoming a popular part of my Saturday. I have now made extra room on a Thursday for more group lessons which hopefully will take off. The open day for the new drum school will be happening on the 15th of August at Intersales, so lots of organising has been going on over the last few weeks. I shall be demonstrating the New Yamaha DTxtreme during the open day with a clinic in the afternoon. This is my first ever clinic, so I have been working on ideas for that. Not only the first I have ever done, but Yamaha will be there, so no pressure then!

For quite sometime students have been asking me if I am on YouTube? This is something that I have been considering for a while. Although there are many clips of me playing on YouTube, I have no instructional material available. The film studio has now been booked for August 21st so in the coming months there should be footage available.

As you can see, not only a busy July, but with all the events happening in August, I’d better get rehearsing.

Thanks for reading. I’m off to get some packing done, Welsh Wales is calling me!