Often many of my blogs are about certain achievements I consider worth writing about, and this is no different. It is currently late in the evening, but I still feel compelled to share my thoughts with you.

I joined Intersales music just over two years ago with the intention of creating a music scene within a music teaching school. Kettering was already seeing the decline of what used to be a great scene with some well known musicians coming from this area. I proposed the idea that we encourage our current students to come on an extra night of the week and join in with fellow students to form bands. We would suggest what songs we thought they could play, they would choose, and off we went. Five weeks of rehearsing would then lead up to a final show for all the parents.

Tonight was the fourth week and from the start it was always going to be hard work. With temperatures hitting all time highs for the uk, it was difficult to keep the kids enthusiastic. I was wrong! Wow! They played their hearts out this evening, to tracks from AC/DC, Michael Jackson, The Police and the Beatles. All students had been working outside of Rockschool and it certainly makes the point, practice does make perfect!

The whole point of me commending all these students so early in proceedings, is because they have worked so hard in this incredibly hot weather. It didn’t faze them once and the music they played was great. Congratulation to all of you!

The final show will be held at the Kettering Football ground on the 14th of July 2009 and I will keep you up to date of course through my blog page.