It has taken me some time to actually get around to doing this blog, but just over a week ago the final Rockschool show took place at the Kettering Football ground. I was completely blown away by the acts!

As usual they had five weeks to practice the songs they had picked. The sixth week was the chance to perform in front of the parents. Showtime was to start at seven thirty and with the entire audience filling the venue very quickly; it was underway a little earlier.

To open the show I thought it would be good for the Intersales staff to perform. We all are members of bands ourselves, so it was only fair that we should. It was then the chance for the Rockschool bands to play. Seven bands were to perform everything from Ac/Dc to Rage Against The Machine. Each band performed brilliantly and I’m very proud of what was achieved. Although there were a lot of nervous students performing that night, they certainly pulled it off. Well done to everyone that performed!

This course was originally starting because of the dying music scene within Kettering. Through venues closing and lack of payment from landlords, there are now no good music venues locally. It is a shame that we are in this situation, but things seems to be changing thanks to Emma and Nick from the Tin Hat Club (Poppies social club). They came to us because they wanted to start music again locally. We need more people like this if our music scene is going to flourish. This Rockschool course is proof of local talent, so let’s get them out there playing. Landlords need to stop offering silly money for bands. Advertise your event more, then the people will come in. I don’t want the talent I saw on the 14th of July wasted.

The next Rockschool course is due to start early September. If you are interested in my involvement or would like to sign up to this course, please contact me through this website.