Okay, so I believe this is what they call a quick post Blog, Ah well, I will make it brief. As I have written in past blogs, my months have been quite busy. The strange thing being, it’s not with Wild.

The education side of my playing has increased tenfold and on Saturday 15th of August we had the open day at Intersales Music to show off the new drum classrooms. I was left in charge of demonstrating Yamaha’s latest offering, the Dtxtreme. It was a long time in the planning, but we pulled off a great day for existing students and future students alike. I played at half an hour intervals throughout the day with a class for one hour in the afternoon. It was great to see all the kids sitting behind their snare drums practising paradiddles with me. It was even better to see the parents supporting the kids, but also fantastic to have you joining in. A big thank you goes out to Ollie from Yamaha and of course Intersales Music for supporting my ideas.

Later on that evening we were invited to perform as the Intersales band at a charity event local to the teaching school. It was for the air ambulance, so of course we all said yes. The invitation came from one of my students after performing on our Rockschool course back in June. His Rockschool band has stayed together and after mentioning this to his colleagues, he was invited to perform. We performed with them later in the evening and because it was a fun event I invited my student to perform with me. I had the time of my life, as I had never performed with another drummer at the same time. Thank You Ed, Rock & Roll…

In the next week I start filming my YouTube clips, which is happening on Friday the 21st at Parlour Studios. The end of the month I am back playing with Wild. That will do for now and I will catch you soon. Brief enough?