It is often strange how our music taste affects the way people think of us. As a drummer in a rock’n roll band I have played my fair share of rockabilly gigs that have been great. Many conversations have led to discussions of a certain artist or a local rock’n roll club that needs a good band. Don’t get me wrong, the whole rocking scene is a good thing with many bands making a good career out of it, but there is another world out there.

Let’s not keep the rock’n roll hidden away for the people that remember or think it’s still the 1950s. Many people in the world do like 1950s era, but wouldn’t dare to enter a rock’n roll club with fear of reprisal for wearing the wrong clothes.

Take my drums; “They are not very 50s.” You’re damn right they’re not, it’s 2009!! Does it matter? I like Rush, Dream Theatre and many more metal bands, is that wrong?

Oh, hang on; I think my mobile phone is ringing… “That is not very fifties…” Rock’n roll music should be there for everybody. I love the fashion and anything to do with the fifties. The music blows me away and has influenced my style of playing for many years; I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

But don’t hide yourself behind the bonnet of “Chevy” with your turn ups half way up your leg and tell me what to listen to.

I guess what I am trying to say, is that there are many gifted and talented musicians out in the world and sometimes because our music tastes differ, we don’t recognise the musician. Long live Rock & Roll, any kind of Rock & Roll!!!!!!! Whatever you chose to wear!!