latest news form the “Glenn” camp can reveal that I’m still as busy as ever, but I finally managed to get a holiday this month. For those of you who are more acquainted with me, you will know that my partner, soon to be wife, comes from the Czech Republic. We often head over to Bohemia for some well enjoyed holiday time with the in-laws (future) and some fine Czech hospitality. If you would like to see the pictures and videos, follow the link to my Flickr account.

On my return I have been thinking of how to “up” the profile of all my students that I teach. One of the biggest kicks for me, as a musician, is to be told that someone has enjoyed my performance. I think it is time for students to be featured on my website so they can be brought to the forefront as well. This, of course, will be an ongoing project, available soon on the website. A bit of “You’re doing great” never hurt anybody and to consider I have some of the most talented players around locally, they defiantly deserve it.

Back to work after the summer holidays is always a busy affair and the week started full on with many hours of teaching. Students keen to start back after the long school holiday certainly showed plenty of enthusiasm. And just to push them that little bit further, the Intersales Show takes place at the Lighthouse Theatre, Kettering on 25th of September. The show is designed for any student that wishes to perform. Performance is a big part of learning, so drop by the teaching school and I’ll be glad to sell you tickets in large quantities. I am to compere the evening so come along and say hello.

Last month’s recording at Parlour studios was a big success, but very hard work. It was certainly a new experience for me and if you head over to my YouTube channel, you can see the results. I have to send out a big thank you to a good friend and top film producer, Ralph Ehoff. Without the support and his huge sense of humour, I would have never got through the day. He has been so kind in posting the outtakes, which I have made available below 🙂


On 28th August Wild were back together, but not as the normal line up. Due to holidays and his brother getting married, Hugh was to be replaced with the brilliant Adam Miles. Adam is a well-known face to the world of Rock & Roll with credits to his name such as Darryl Higham and Imelda May. The show was brilliant fun, albeit a little unorganised, but with professional minded musicians such as Adam, things went smoothly. Getting great musicians to “dep” for us is always fun, but I will be glad when Hugh joins again at the end of the month for our London shows.

That’s about it for this month and as you can see; there is plenty to be getting on with. Rehearsals start tomorrow for the show on the 25th and I have to get practising my compere skills.

Catch you next month!