Since supporting Showwaddywaddy back in September 2008, I have been deep in thought regarding one question. Should musicians give up after a certain time?

Showwadywaddy were incredibly popular back in the seventies with many chart hits and album sales. I was myself, a massive fan!! But on the night I couldn’t help hearing from the audience, who are they? He can’t sing! Should of give up a long time ago!

Firstly, putting yourself on stage opens us all to criticism. I’m sure I have never gone on stage with Wild and all the audience have liked everything we do, but let’s have a think before opening our mouths.

During their glory days Showwaddywaddy were a force to be reckoned with. Hits like Under the Moon of Love stayed at number one for six weeks. Other hits like, Three Step to Heaven, Dancin Party, A little Bit of Soap and When, were all top ten hits. That in itself is proof of a good band.

The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Elton John and Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) are all acts that are regularly turning up on a princes trust concerts or festivals around the country. Even as I write Queen have announced dates around the country performing again with Paul Rodgers. Should these acts have stopped playing a long time ago? They don’t need the money! Of course they don’t, but what if they did stop playing?

I for one would be furious if they did. I am a fan of all the above and if I get a final chance to see acts that have inspired me over the years then, you have my support. They may well not be as good as they were, but if Showwaddywaddy hadn’t had played that night, I wouldn’t have had the chance to see and meet some of my childhood heroes… Hearing the tunes that reminded me of Christmas time in the 70s was a wonderful experience. I remember receiving the Red album as a gift and then playing it to my granddad as a ten year old boy “this is the music of today granddad” This then started a discussion I will always remember. It doesn’t matter what was said that day, but the memory of that day with my granddad has stayed with me all my life. Music is not just a creative sound that we enjoy; it also stays with us as memories and reminds us of time we will never get back.

For that reason alone, we should support older acts. So if you find yourself criticizing an act from the past, just think before you say anything. It might just mean a lot to someone. So if you can play…. Please keep playing!

Thank you Showwaddywaddy, I feel humbled that we supported you.