Can you believe that October is upon us already? With the demise of the summer months brings even busier times. September brought me the initial influx of new students and gigs and I am pleased to report that October is taking off in the same manner.

Last week we were treated to the annual “dust up” from Intersales Music. The Intersales Show has been running for the last three years and the standard has improved each time. Students from every age group performed anything from a short piano piece, to a drum solo, violin solo, banjo solo or in some cases, formed bands between themselves to perform their favourite rock tracks. We even had the pleasure of a wind quartet, which turned out to be a quintet, but I guess even I’m allowed to get things wrong whilst on the stage. Luckily, I got away with it because I am a drummer and we don’t often get to count to five. For me, this year’s show will be a memorable occasion for one major factor. It has been a long-time dream to have parents/adult students perform alongside our younger acts. This year’s show finally made my dreams come true and out of thirty acts, five were adults; brilliant stuff!! As always in this situation, there are many people to thank, especially the parents for encouraging their children to perform. The future of the musician requires support from parents and children alike and that’s clearly happening in this part of the world… Well-done to everybody involved.

This month sees the ever popular Rockschool course start again with already large numbers of students registered for the event. This is due to start on the 6th October. We have had the biggest interest ever with this course as it currently stands at thirty people. The final show will be held at the Kettering football ground on the 17th November. It’s going to be a great!

For those of you who are alert whilst reading, you would have realised that there is seven weeks between the course starting and ending. This is because on the 20th October we break for an evening with Jeff Davenport. Jeff has been the face of Sonor drums for many years and has agreed to come and give a clinic about tuning drums. I’m often asked about tuning within my lessons, so I have decided to bring in an expert within this field to show you all properly. Jeff will certainly be hanging around as he is one of the nicest guys you will come across, so any questions you have, he will be glad to answer them. This class will start at 7.30 and be held at Intersales Music. Tickets are £7.50 and can be purchased through my website or at Intersales Music.

Teaching is always the biggest part of my job and creates challenges along the way, as I am always striving to be the best at my job. This was put to the test last week when I was asked to take a music class for special needs children. This is all completely new to me, but the class went really well and I am looking forward to next time. I hear individuals talk about people who work in this field and they often refer to it as “Rewarding.” I now understand what they mean!!

As far as my live playing is concerned, things are increasing by the day. Last week I was treated to a night in the west end of London playing on the roof top of a swanky hotel in Shaftesbury Ave. Over the next few weeks I am off to Wigan to play various corporate events and the Christmas shows have been coming in thick and fast.

I think that’s just about covered everything, apart from I am looking forward to a trip to Denmark with my bass player at the end of the month and I am off to New York at the beginning of November, but more on that next month. See you then!!