So here I am, six thirty in the morning and I feel compelled to fill you in on the finer details of this week. As mentioned last month, I will be on my travels over the next few weeks and starting today, I’m off to Esjberg in Denmark. I have been working especially long hours of late so my wonderful wife to be decides we shall vacate the English ways for the weekend. In all fairness Barbara has been working extreme hours herself as a project manager for a Derby hospital. Later today we leave to catch the ferry from Harwich for a few days cruising; just what the doctor ordered!

This week has been incredible as far as music is concerned. My teaching week has been the usual success with students really excelling themselves, but at the beginning of the week it was confirmed that Liquor Fuelled Rock & Roll from Wild is to be finally released on our own record company. I have been working hard to make this happen and although is has been a demo album for the last few years, I am glad that it is being made available from the 1st of December. Keeping it within he same vain, I have been recording music with an artist called Mario Bradley over the last few years and we are now treated to his latest release. My Search is the EP title from fury records and it features a track called Love Cats (Yep, you’ve guessed it, The Cure) I play drums on that track and I am really pleased it’s finally been released. You can buy this from Fury Records (FCDEP069). From the years of recording with Mario we have a collection of tracks that have built up. These tracks are now available in the form of The Unissued recordings with can be bought from I played on all these tracks and it certainly set off some great studio memories when I listen back.

If that wasn’t enough of a musical appreciation, my son phoned me from New York and said: “Do you fancy playing drums when you are over next week?” Of course, the answer is yes! I’m not sure what’s going on yet, but I’m certain that we will be laying down some serious Jazz tunes whilst in one of my favourite cities.

That’s enough for this morning, I have a ferry to catch so I’d better get things sorted and wake up the rest of the house.

Denmark- here we come!