I wouldn’t be British if I didn’t mention the weather from time to time, but I started this month visiting the City of Esbjerg in Denmark to the chilling winds of Scandinavia. It was a beautiful city and having travelling for many years through Sweden, it was a welcome change. I have always talked of a cruise one day, but it has never happened, so when my Bass player came up with the idea of a short cruise across the North Sea, I was first in line!

We caught the ferry from Harwich to Esbjerg on the Friday afternoon and we’d booked the upper class cabins. Apparently we were to experience all the delights of first class travel. I was keeping an open mind considering we had only paid £300 per couple, but I was pleasantly surprised. The rooms were along side of a private lounge with free drinks, food and wireless internet and mobile phone coverage. Each room was equipped with everything you would need for such trip and even had satellite television; what else could you need? In places the sea crossing was a bit rough, but with the two restaurants on board offering great food and wine, the eighteen hour crossing soon passed very smoothly. It was well worth the money and I can recommend it if you fancy pampering yourself for a few days.

Travel seems to be the subject of this month’s blog, but no more in the form of one of my favourite cities New York. Later that week I headed off to the Big Apple with mum to meet up with my son. He had been staying there for a month checking education options. Samuel is an up and coming bass player and has been looking at going to Berklee College of Music in Boston, but has been staying with his auntie in NYC. That’s all the excuse I needed to come and visit. New York has been well documented for many years, so I’m sure you don’t need me to describe every detail, but to have the chance to experience such a great city with my mum and son was wonderful. We met some great people including one of my favourite twitter friends, Neil Alexandra and “Nail music”. Neil had invited us up to Peekskill just outside of New York for a Jazz jam. Wow, these guys can play! It was really enjoyable to hear Neil work his magic on a keyboard. Thank you, sir! Checkout his website and buy his music www.nailmusic.com

Away from the travel news and back to all things drum, I have been working hard with Wild over the past few weeks and discussions have led us to starting recording again. As mentioned in the “The Joy of being a musician” Wild’s music will be available through iTunes on 1st December 2009. It is planned that an EP will be released in time for The 2010 Derry Jazz festival. Of course it will have our own version of Teenage Kicks on it and I am sure it will be fully endorsed by our good friend John O’Neill. As reported in October, the Christmas gigs are still coming in thick and fast and it seems I am to spend most of the festive period behind a drum kit- that’s alright with me!

As far as the day job is concerned the Rockschool course had dominated my time. The students have been working incredibly hard. The final show was held this week and it was one of the best so far. This in itself deserves a blog of its own, so watch this space! I am also in the process of revamping our Saturday music school. I have always had an interest in hand percussion, but never really pushed forward with the idea. I am to start learning the Cajon and Bongo drums and hopefully make this big part of the school. I have opted to learn this through the internet, DVD etc, with the idea of teaching young kids. I’m very excited about this and hopefully I can do it justice.

As you can see my world doesn’t get any quieter, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Being a musician for a living is brilliant and I’m grateful for the chance to be as such. Time for me to get off, I have a gig in Leighton Buzzard tonight. Catch you next month.