So we’re half way through January and finally the first ‘not so happy weeks’ of the New Year have passed and things are looking up.

One thing I have always strived to achieve in my life as a musician has been recognition. This stems from my Dad never really saying I was any good. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not mad about it, in fact, it certainly made me not take things for granted. It made me work harder for his respect, which eventually I got and I believe to this day it has helped my attitude to my playing. Worth and value have been on my mind a lot just lately and if ever there was a situation to make me feel worth something, it was this week when I was asked to play drums in Canada.

I opened my emails to find an invite to play drums for a good friend of mine, Pete Turland. Pete is possible one of the best double bass players of our time and to be asked if I would like to occupy the drum stool behind him for a week in June this year, was always going to end up with the answer yes. I haven’t had the dates confirmed yet, but I know discussions are happening with another good friend of mine, who is expected to join us on the same stage- Mr. Paul Pigat. This of course would be a fantastic pleasure as Paul has been single handedly trying to take on the world through Gretsch guitars. Playing Namm recently and touring Australia among other things.

It all seemed to be coming my way through emails and the next one I was to receive was from a company in California. I have been asked if I would like to be a tutor on their online teaching school website. Ashbury Music Hall discovered me on YouTube and they liked what I have been doing for drumming education. This coming Friday I am back in the studio with Ralph Ehoff film productions and we shall be filming the next chapters of my lesson plans for the website. This is very exciting and with the potential audience of many, I need to get it right. More details will be available through my website as soon as everything is complete.

As far as my live work with Wild is concerned, things have gone beyond anything I was expecting. Last year was possibly the quietest year that Wild have had, but to start the year with plenty of bookings is reassuringly exciting-long may it continue!

My travels are a big part of my life and this month is no exception. I am off to New York once more in support of my son Samuel. He has become a great bass player and decided to try out for Berklee School of Music. I shall be flying into New York with my wonderful wife to be on 27th January and then heading to Boston on the 30th for Sam’s audition. This is a big deal for me, as I know Sam will certainly make an impression. If he is successful, it means that I shall possibly loose a best friend to America, but on the plus side-the world will gain a true musician.

January really has been a rollercoaster ride, but I think we will safely make it to the end. That’s about it, really looking forward to hanging out in New York again.

Take care and remember, we are always worth something 😉