One of the hardest things I come across as a teacher is my students do not have an interest in music from the past. Although I thought that would be a tough obstacle, I later found out that most of my work colleagues had no interest either. Something had to be done in a way that everybody could enjoy learning about the history of music.

Each year at Intersales music we hold a performance music show, which involves the students performing anything they choose. This could be just as simple as an exercise that they have been working on, or even performing a song solo. Past events have entailed students collaborating together to form bands also. Performance is always an important part of the leaning process, but this year I wanted to take it a stage further.

Years of playing drums and meeting different people have inspired my way of thinking.  Since an early age I have always wanted to be involved in a theatre production. I guess it comes from my father taking me to shows as a young boy, sitting there watching the production whilst he blasted out a tremendous sound on the trombone from the orchestral pit.

It was decided I should start writing a musical play. I began writing ‘The Perfect Lesson’ some month’s back and I hoped it would give an insight to where music began. It is based around six characters travelling through time on a discovery trip learning different genres of music through the decades. I feel that incorporating music and dance within a performance can only add experience to a musician.

The story starts with all the students being magically transported from their lessons within Intersales to a place called “Change Over”. The students have been chosen due to their refusal to learn any other style other than their favorite. In charge of lessons within “Change Over” is the all-knowing character Mr. Intersales. He has been given the responsibility of teaching the Perfect Lesson and soon has them on a magical journey that will change everybody’s opinion of music.

The three characters are strong-minded students who refuse to learn any thing new. Metal Lisa is a guitar student, who loves heavy Metal music. She can be arrogant and insulting, but deep down, cares for her friends. AKA Bilk is a Jazz clarinetist who believes that Jazz is the answer to everybody’s taste. This strong character influences the others easily, but soon finds out that music is not just about him.  Cozy Towel is a real life tribute to rock. Cozy believes he is the real Cozy and shows off his talent of drumming through the story, but with his “Rock Star ways” you soon see what makes the average Rock Star tick- or maybe not?

Two real stars join the story in the shape of Texas Whitney and Elton Gong. They will learn from a different perspective, as their real Rock Star status is soon put under question.

The students of Intersales Music have been working very hard on this production over the last few weeks. The music has been carefully chosen for this show and with students as young as ten performing, it will be truly inspirational.

This has been a fantastic project to be involved in. At times it has been very hard, but to see all the children “perform their hearts out” has been an experience I will never forget. If you are interested in coming to the show, please drop me an email via my website and I will gladly point you in the right direction. The show will be happening on the 28th August 2010 at the Masque Theatre in Barton Seagrave.

Will you receive the Perfect lesson? That I will leave to you to decide, but I know I have.

Thank you for reading