As with most of my blog updates, I’m running a little behind. My last blog included what I got up to with Intersales Music during the summer of 2010. The Perfect Lesson still gets me excited. It was a great show and a brilliant experience considering none of us had actually done a theatre production from scratch before. Unfortunately it is not likely to be happening again through Intersales Music, but more on that later.

For me to get my blog world up to date, we’ll have go back as far as December. I’m sure most of you will remember December quite clearly. Not just because it’s the run up to Christmas, but because of the large amount of snow we received.
This caused my band more problems than I can ever remember. On the 18th December we were due to play in Billericay in Essex. The snow fell that heavy for three days we were not able to make the gig. I can’t recall ever having to cancel a gig due to bad weather and it was incredibly frustrating to say the least. The client understood, but I can’t help thinking how disappointed they were.


Our next performance was to be on the following Wednesday. Fortunately it was only an hour away in Daventry, surely nothing could go wrong with this show? Although the snow was still on the ground, most of the roads were completely clear, but unfortunately for us, the Caravan Park where the van is stored wasn’t. You have to bear in mind that caravans are not used during the winter. It’s pretty obvious, but because of our gig schedule, we need access fifty-two weeks of the year. The snow had come down that heavy we couldn’t get the van out of the park. Lucky for us the client was very understanding and had a back up plan just in case the problems over the last few days were to repeat themselves. Thankfully it wasn’t needed, the AA helped us to get the van out and albeit a few hours late, we performed a storming show.

The next day it was time to celebrate Christmas properly. As many of you will know, my future in-laws are from the Czech Republic. We were due to fly out first thing on the Thursday morning, but we couldn’t help thinking the snow might be a problem once again. Happily Stansted Airport hadn’t encountered the same problems as Heathrow. We flew out on time ready for a wonderful Christmas.


After flying back from Europe, it was time for another show with Wild. New Years Eve in the Cotswolds doesn’t get any better. We played there last year at the same venue and it didn’t disappoint. The Old Stocks Hotel in Stow-on-the-Wold always puts on a great night. Their guests sit down for a quiet relaxing meal and then spend the rest of the evening enjoying Rock and Roll performed by us. Everybody had a great night including the band, what a great way to start the New Year.

Like every New Year, you always make plans for the future. Little did I know that my world was about to change in a huge way, more on this in my next blog.

Thank you for reading and although it’s late, Happy New Year!