It has been a few months since I updated my blog page and what a few months it has been. If you have read my blogs before, you’ll possibly remember back in January my work situation changed. This encouraged me to push forward with my teaching and although it was a daunting prospect, I’m glad I did.

This month has seen me secure five schools throughout Northamptonshire, something that I would have never believed possible. As with other counties, each area usually has the local government providing music lessons throughout schools and it is impossible to offer any kind of service from other areas. To say this has made me happy would be understatement.

As far as Wild is concerned, it just keeps getting better. From the beginning of May we have been travelling from one end of the country to the next. Starting in Norfolk, we have found ourselves in London, North Yorkshire, Edinburgh, Southampton and Devon.

With all this travelling it got me thinking, how did I get into all of this? From a young child I always wanted to play the drum kit. Watching Top Of The Pops on the television with my Mum in the early seventies was definitely an influence, but was I ever going to be like the people I watched? I guess not, but I have had a lot of fun trying.

One of the advantages of the bands I watched on the TV was that they had all recorded a single. That’s the reason they were there, but at that early age I didn’t realize this. Although I have played in bands for many years, I don’t seem to have joined bands that wanted to record. Things have changed for me today, obviously home recording and the internet have given everybody the chance to make their mark, but back then, it didn’t happen.

One of the proudest moments for me as a drummer was when I finally had the chance to record a fourteen-track album with the band I was playing with at the time. I’ve already mentioned the talent of Pete Turland in previous blogs, but for a short period in 1998 we had a band together with Chris Willis playing blues rockabilly. We chose to record fourteen of our best tracks in Corby over a two-day period. Unfortunately it was never released- that was until now. As I mentioned before, the Internet has given us more opportunities to share music, so here it is. I am so pleased with this album, even listening to it years later I still get excited. As a player, I’ve moved on a lot, but it certainly proves I was capable. If you like the album, please pay what you like or just have a listen online. You can access the album by clicking on the link below. There is nothing like music to rekindle memories of the past and for me this is what this does.

So, how did I get into all of this? I could write many pages about what has happened over the years, but the main reason has to be my parents playing music to me as a kid. Music made me happy, it made me want to play an instrument and made me feel good. Thanks Mum and Dad.

Rocking My Life Away by PT & The Shakers