As usual I didn’t keep up with the plan of writing a blog each day I was away in Ireland, so now I’m playing catch up. As I write, it’s a week later and I find myself on the smallest plane I’ve ever been on travelling to Jersey (Channel islands)

During my time in Ireland, I played four great shows. Each of them had a different challenge being that it is such a varied audience. It’s classed as a jazz festival, but over the years the organisers have not only listened to the traditionalists, but also the average music lover. I guess that’s where we fit in. As I have documented before, we play mostly rock and roll covers and this seems to set off an uncontrollable urge for people to enjoy themselves. This of course makes me happy, but I was extra proud this year as we got the chance to play a pretty high profile gig at the Craft Market in Derry. The event was called Rockabilly Fest and included one of my now favourite bands, Carmen Ghia and the Hot Rods. Check out some of their YouTube videos and you’ll see what I mean.

Apart from the usual venues we played, we finally got time to hang out with some of the other musicians. We did our last show on the Sunday evening, which meant we had Monday off before traveling that evening back to Belfast and then home. Over the years we’ve become good friends with many musicians, especially a band called Cat Scratch Fever. These guys not only play rock and roll covers like ourselves, but also many folk classics which includes the excellent banjo playing of Martin Pleass. The following evening they had invited us to their Monday show and said we should play a few numbers. Why not? We did, and enjoyed ourselves tremendously, thanks guys! In short, that’s what we got up to in Derry. It was a great trip and such an honor to play for so many music fans.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, I now find myself on the smallest plane ever on the way to the Channel Islands. I’m only here for one night, but I am so up for playing after Ireland. After this Jersey gig, I travel back to the UK and play a gig in Kent. I always say this, but I’m truly blessed and honored to be this busy, I love playing the drums.

Thanks for reading.