Hi everybody!

It has finally come to that time of year. May is the month I always head out to Northern Ireland for the Derry jazz festival. The festival has been going for over ten years and this will be the eighth year I have played here with Wild. Although we are not strictly a jazz band, we do offer a different kind of swing music in the form of straight up Rock & Roll.

If you are by chance in Derry, you can come and see us at the following venues.

Thursday 3rd May- Brunswick Movie Bowl (Martha’s Vineyard)
Friday 4th May- The Clarendon Bar
Saturday 5th May- Cafe del Monsoon (Rockabilly Fest)
Sunday 6th May- The Argyle Arms.

This is such a great festival to do and I’m proud to be here for another year. If you are not in Derry, you can catch up with me through twitter. My name is @glennydrums.

So that’s me up to date, all I need to do is get some rest before tonight’s show.