If you are a musician of some kind, the title “ New Adventures” wouldn’t surprise you. Every time we step on a stage or teach a new class it’s a new adventure. Don’t get me wrong, it obviously the same for other occupations, but within music are we opening ourselves up to more scrutiny and judgement just because music is around most of our daily lives. I have no problem with this, In fact, I openly encourage people to explore their music taste and talk about what they like and don’t. I’m sure we all have had the heated discussion with a friend or our love ones about what is good and bad. I love these conversations, usually ending in me thinking- maybe I should be a little more opening minded to a certain style of music. A few drinks with my wife on a summers evening playing guess the intro from the 80’s is one of my favourite things. It would be, I was in the 16- 18 age group during that period.

As drummers, you have possibly had a member of your band during rehearsal ask “ Is this the right key for you? “ With a forced smile you reply “Yes” I really wanted to know what this meant and also what chords made up that key. I do have a little knowledge of this from my singing, but I felt stripped of my credible status as a musical educator. What did I do?

Last September I was asked to teach at a special needs school. This included singing and bringing more music to the children. Most of it involved getting the children to play together and my instrument of choice had to be the guitar. Many years ago I had guitar lessons at my primary school, so I knew some basic chords. This was enough for me to get started. Unfortunately due to my crazy schedule, I no longer teach at this school, but I did manage to perform a few concerts with a guitar around my neck and a drummer and piano player behind me. The classes I performed were so much fun and very educational, even to the point of putting chords together on a piano in a certain key. Reports to the principal from the teachers were of a level that I could have only dreamed of. Was I making progress with my music teaching? For sure I was, but the journey will be long.

There are a couple of points I would like to make through this blog. You’re never too old to start a new instrument, listen to music more and have fun whilst doing it. It could actually make you a better person.

Enjoy the summer sunshine, I’m off to practice yet more scales.

Thank you for reading.