For once in our beautiful country, we can celebrate the delights of warm sunshine. This time of year, I usually disappear to Eastern Europe to see my wife’s family- quite often equipped with a drum pad and sticks. I would typically spend many hours on the patio going through my stick exercises. It goes without saying that we need commitment to do this, but I’m also a firm believer that your surroundings encourage practice and positivity. Most people would agree that a good working environment is a must for us to achieve our goals.

August 15th and 22nd

I will be giving you the chance to enjoy the sunshine at my home. I will be running two classes, each lasting for two hours. I have put together a very comprehensive rudiment session featuring sticking patterns I personally use in my playing. I will also be talking about how these rudiments can be used on the kit- not just as patterns, but as musical phrases and melodic patterns.

The class will cost £30 per person and is open to all students who currently learn with me. There is no minimum or maximum age. In fact, I actively encourage different age groups to work together. I will also provide lunch for all students.

The class will be restricted to five students and you can easily book your place using the PayPal (on the right).

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Additional information

Who is invited to this class?

All students that currently study drums with me.

What do I need to bring?

If you own a practice pad, drum stool and sticks, please bring them with you.

Will drum pads be supplied if I don’t have one?

I have a limited amount of pads that I can supply if you do not have one. Please contact me if you need one before the class.

Is this class open to beginners?

Absolutely! We are all on the same journey whatever your level.

Do I have to attend both classes?

Not at all, if you feel that the one class is enough then that is fine with me.

Can I attend both classes?


Will lunch be provided?

Yes! I will be providing sandwiches and drinks.

Where will the class be located?

At my home on the patio outside in my garden. When you book the class, I will forward my home location.

Is there parking?

You can easily park, either on my drive or on the street.

As a parent, can I drop my child off and pick him/her up after the class?

Yes you can. You are also welcome to stay for the duration of the class.

What happens if the sun doesn’t shine?

We will move the class inside, but fingers crossed that sun carries on shining through the rest of the summer.

Do I need to bring music with me?

A writing pad would be an advantage, but I can supply this.

See you in the sunshine on the 15th or the 22nd.